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Digital Physician Scale Model 150-10-5

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รหัสสินค้า :DigitalPhysician


 The Rice Lake Digital Physician 150-10-5 scale is designed for both modern appearance and contemporary function, with fresh, clean lines and forward-thinking features for the medical and fitness environments of today and tomorrow.

Standard Features
 Capacity: 550 x 0.2 lb (250 kg x 0.1 kg)
 Platform Dimensions:14.5 in W x 14.5 in L x 3 in H
 MotiontrapTM (movement compensation technology)
 Large LCD display
 6 "AA" size Alkaline batteries and AC adaptor included
 Low-battery indication/automatic power-off
 BMI (body mass index) function
 Hold function
 Unit of measure: lb only, kg only, lb/kg
 EMR capable, USB
 Updatable firmware
 Built-in height measuring rod measures from 27.5 in to 82 in x 1/8 in (70 cm to 208 cm x 1 mm)
 Integrated wheels for ease of portability



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